“Before my first life coaching session I wasn’t sure what I an looking of r and what to expect, but when I spoke with Marta, I immediately realised that it is exactly what I needed. We connected very quickly, and I could Feel that Marta understands me well; I could trust her and be completely open with her.

At the beginning of the coaching journey, I felt confused with my goals and the steps I need to take to achieve them, but Marta did an absolutely fantastic job. She pushed me, challenged me at the right moments and provided great exercises that helped me take steps and make positive change in my life.

Coaching sessions were fun, encouraging and motivating. My confidence grew; I understand myself better and feel more comfortable and happy with who I am, I am now on the right path finding my dream job and my love life improved. I am so happy I met Marta and that I that I have been able to work with her. She is absolutely amazing. “

Leva Norvaisaite

Financial Controller ACCA

Marta to rzetelny terapeuta/ profesjonalny coach. Zawsze swietnie przygotowana do sesji. Takt, spokoj, zaangazowanie, kreatywnosc a przede wszystkim efektywnosc. Sesje z Marta to czysta przyjemnosc, a efekty sq zdumiewajqce. Marte polecam wszystkim , którzy szukaja kompetentnego i co najwazniejsze skutecznego trenera rozwoju osobistego. Jest swietnym psychologiem. Dzieki mitej atmosferze i umiejetnie prowadzonej rozmowie udato mi sie otworzyc. Podczas kazdej sesji – zostaje sie uwaznie wysluchanym co czesto przynosi ulge, ale tez pozwala na formulowanie roznych wnioskow co do poruszanych tematow. Jezeli szukacie prawdziwie profesjonalnego i z powolania trenera rozwoju osobistego – to nikogo lepszego nie znajdziecie. A teraz kilka krotkich przymiotow charakteryzujacych Marte -uprzejma, zyczliwa, taktowna oraz wymagajaca‚ profesjonalna i skuteczna! Jedyny minus -UWAGA- trudno zaprzestac z Nia sesji bo uzalezniaja. Z calego serducha – polecam. Dziekuje, ze moglam Cie poznac Marto.

Lidia Pundyk

“Marta has one of those skills that enable you to open your mind and see your abilities from a different perspective. Her attitude and willingness to bring up best in you are so strong that you start noticing changes after the first session. She helped me to refine my values and gave me the confidence to make a meaningful changes. She helped me to gain strength to pursue my passion. I will never look back, I feel fulfilled.”

Anna Francis

Executive Assistant

“I work in a financial department of a big company in a very busy environment. I used to leave my home at 6.30AM and return from work around 9PM. Aa a result I could hardly spend time with my family and friends. What I needed was a better work and life balance. Marta found a way of organising my life for me. She helped me to narrow down and prioritise the most important things at work and my personal life. Time management was the key with our session, all of the sudden I became more focused and could shift things around in order to be more productive and time effective. Coaching is so important to both personal and business life. If you want to move forward you need to invest in yourself. If you are going to invers in a coach, invest in someone who will push you to do more, be more and see the life that you could have ahead of you.
If you need guidance, someone to help you to focus, to point you in the right direction, to tell you exactly where you are going wrong, where you are going right, and give you a kick up the backside to get things done, you have got to call Marta.”

Daniel Sid

Financial Analyst

“Marta has been my coach for the last 3 months and has made an enormous difference in me progressing towards my professional goal. She has helped me develop my thinking as to what is possible and what I am cable of doing. At the same tie she takes the care to check in that I am committed to actions that I agree to do by a certain deadline and that these are realistic given other demands on my time. The results have been remarkable and steady progress is being made with an end deadline approaching and a clear plan to get there being achieved in a constant and planned fashion. Marta’s help has been a major factor in my getting myself into this successful path and maintaining my progress. Marta has a lovely coaching style which is calm and unhurried but belies a firm underscore that keeps me on track, challenges me to push myself, and ensures that I make the progress that I have agreed to for myself. She listens well and lets me run when I am onto something which shows new ways of thinking. Like all good partitioners she makes this look easy. I am very grateful for Marta’s coaching support. Not only has it helped me achieve my goals but it also has re-enforced for me the benefits that coaching can provide and made me re-double my efforts to be the best in my profession that I can be.”

David Roche

Chair, Board Director, Mentor

“Marta is such a pleasure to work with. She is a great listener; she knows exactly what questions to ask to get to the bottom of the problem. She helped me discover the blind spots I had no idea about. If you want to get unstuck and move on with your life, she is your woman. Her knowledge, experience, and hight level of empathy makes her an amazing coach.”

Alex Grzybek

Confidence & Career Coach

From Crisis to Reconnection

My world turned upside down when I realised my relationship was out of control with ongoing arguments and unexpected confession of my partner that she wasn’t in love with me anymore. With 2 school year children in the picture, we decided to seek help from a couple’s counsellor, but the experience left us feeling even more desolate. I felt that we only went to the session to moan at each other’s and put the blame at each other’s for the crisis in our relationship. It did little to mend our relationship.

During this crisis a friend introduced us to Marta’s relationship coaching. From our very first conversation, Marta’s approach stood out as refreshingly different. Her insightful guidance during the initial consultation offered more hope than we had gleaned from several hours of counselling with our previous therapist.

Through the sessions with Marta, we not only reconnected but started rebuilding our relationship with a newfound sense of optimism and understanding. Our perspective on ourselves, each other, and our relationship underwent a complete transformation.

Marta has worked nothing short of a miracle for us, saving us from what seemed like an irreparable situation. Thanks to Marta, our relationship has been revitalized, and our family’s future has a strong new foundation.

If you find yourself at a crossroads, doubting the future of your relationship, I wholeheartedly recommend Marta’s coaching. Her expertise, compassion, and unique approach have the power to rekindle the love and connection you once cherished. We are living proof of the positive transformation that is possible, even in the time of total crisis. Marta, you’ve given us the priceless gift of a renewed relationship, and for that, we will forever be grateful.

Emily and Mark M

Our Journey to a Thriving Marriage

After two decades of marriage and raising two teenage sons, my husband and I found ourselves trapped in a cycle of ongoing misunderstanding, frustration, defensive behaviour and indifference. We felt like there was a big wall between us, making our future uncertain. We questioned whether our marriage was worth continuing, as the toll of our dysfunctional behaviour was affecting our boys.

Having previously sought marriage counselling without fully addressing our core issues, we turned to Marta with a mix feeling.

To my surprise Marta’s approach was a breath of fresh air, and we decided to give ourselves a chance. With hope, an open mind and fully ready to tackle our challenges we signed up for relationship coaching.

Under Marta’s guidance, we began to rebuild trust, both in ourselves and in her methods.

In the early stage of our sessions, Marta advised us to temporarily set aside our problems, granting us respite from the fear that our marriage would fall apart.

Marta’s methods were unlike anything we had experienced before in traditional couple’s therapy. I was amazed how many times we experienced the ‘light bulb’ moments, where things suddenly made sense, showing us the path how we heal our relationship.

We discovered the reasons behind our actions and reactions, which helped us to understand the previously obscured dynamics within our marriage.

 Now, both my husband and I are filled with happiness once more. We’ve reignited the love and deep connection in our marriage, which once felt uncertain.

We talk, we laugh, we listen to each other, we make more exciting plans for our future, but the most rewarding part is witnessing the joy on our sons’ faces again. Our efforts were dedicated to not only revitalising our relationship but also ensuring their happiness.  Marta we are incredibly thankful for your invaluable guidance and support.

Karen and Tom S.

Transformation and Renewed Love

I reached out to Marta during a time of absolute crisis in my relationship.

My husband had discovered my infidelity.

I felt awful and unforgivable thinking that I totally lost my husband’s love. I was desperate to save our marriage and find the root that cause my action.

Marta guided us through a structured process. Firstly, I began with the individual sessions. Marta’s expertise was unparalleled, far surpassing any self-development courses I had taken before.

In those sessions, I discover the ways my past experiences had influenced how I saw myself with low self-worth and self-esteem. With Marta’s guidance, I rebuilt my confidence, realizing that I didn’t need external relationships for validation. Through coaching, I emerged stronger, happier, and more content within myself. Confronting the impact of my actions on my husband, I felt genuine remorse and humbly asked for his forgiveness.

Armed with this newfound understanding my husband and I started on joint sessions. Marta’s guidance helped us navigate challenges and bridging the gap between us. The transformation I experienced through Marta’s coaching exceeded my expectations. My relationship with my husband is stronger than ever, and my increased confidence has profoundly impacted the other aspects of my life.

Marta, I’m forever grateful for helping me reclaim myself and saving my marriage. Our story stands as a testament that even after infidelity, with the right guidance, you can become the best version of yourself and rebuild the relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

Susan W.

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