Marta is such a pleasure to work with. She is a great listener, she knows exactly what questions to ask to get to the bottom of the problem. She helped me discover the blind spots I had no idea about. If you want to get unstuck and move on with your life, she is your woman. Her knowledge, experience, and high level of empathy makes her an amazing coach.

Alex Grzybek

Confidence & Career Coach

The only coach you will ever need, my highest recommendations! Marta is a very talented, professional, and driven coach who is determined to make your success her absolute priority. She has coached me during difficult times when procrastination and excuses were taking over. With her smart approach and action-focused steps, I was able to move towards my desired goal. What was once a distant goal, today is my new reality.

Denisa Balazsova
Business Project Development Coordinator

Marta is a very passionate and driven coach. She has an innate ability to guide people to achieve their goals by supporting them to gently explore the building blocks of inner unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that sabotage the pursue of their accomplishments. Marta is extremely reliable, compassionate, approachable, and professional.

Stefania Santoro
Professional Counsellor and NLP Coach

Marta has one of those skills that enable you to open your mind and see your abilities from a different perspective. Her attitude and willingness to bring up best in you are so strong that you start noticing changes after the first session.

She helped me to refine my values and gave me the confidence to make meaningful changes, she helped me to gain strength to pursue my passion. I will never look back, I feel fulfilled.

Anna Francis
Executive Assistant

Marta has been my coach for the last 3 months and has made an enormous difference in me progressing towards my professional goal. She has helped me develop my thinking as to what is possible and what I am capable of doing. At the same time she takes the care to check in that I am committed to actions that I agree to do by a certain deadline and that these are realistic given other demands on my time. The results have been remarkable and steady progress is being made with an end deadline approaching and a clear plan to get there being achieved in a constant and planned fashion. Marta’s help has been a major factor in me getting myself onto this successful path and maintaining my progress.

Marta has a lovely coaching style which is calm and unhurried but belies a firm underscore that keeps me on track, challenges me to push myself, and ensures that I make the progress that I have agreed to for myself. She listens well and lets me run when I am onto something which shows new ways of thinking. Like all good practitioners she makes this look easy.

I am very grateful for Marta’s coaching support. Not only has it helped me achieve my goals but it also has re-enforced for me the benefits that coaching can provide and made me re-double my efforts to be the best in my profession that I can be. 


David Roche
Chair, Board Director, Mentor

One small action can change your life and sometimes it can only take 1 powerful session to have meaningful insights that last a lifetime. Marta’s gentle but thought provoking style will help you to gain clarity around what is it that you have that you can bring onto the table and make a difference. I came out of the session with action points and ideas that will help me to move forward. I cant wait to put them all into practice and see the results. Thank you Marta!

Berta Maso
People Consultant and Career Expert


I work in a financial department of a big company in a very busy environment. I used to leave my home at 6:30 AM and return from work around 9 PM. As a result I could hardly spend time with my family and friends. What I needed was a better work and life balance.

Marta found a way of organising my life for me. She helped me to narrow down and prioritise the most important things at work and my personal life. Time management was key with our sessions, all of sudden I became more focused and could shift things around in order to be more productive and time effective.

Coaching is so important to both personal and business life. If you want to move forward you need to invest in yourself. If you are going to invest in a coach, invest in someone who will push you to do more, be more and see the life that you could have ahead of you.

If you need guidance, someone to help you to focus, to point you in the right direction,to tell you exactly where you’re going wrong, where you’re going right, and give you a kick up the backside to get things done, you have got to call Marta.

Daniel Sid
Financial Analysts


Before my first life coaching session I wasn’t sure what I am looking for and what to expect, but when I spoke with Marta, I immediately realised that it is exactly what I needed. We connected very quickly and I could feel that Marta understands me well; I could trust her and be completely open with her.

At the beginning of the coaching journey I felt confused with my goals and the steps I need to take to achieve them, but Marta did an absolutely fantastic job. She pushed me, challenged me at the right moments and provided great exercises that helped me take steps and make positive changes in my life.


Coaching sessions were fun, encouraging and motivating. My confidence grew; I understand myself better and feel more comfortable and happy with who I am, I am now on the right path finding my dream job and my love life improved.

I am so happy I met Marta and that I have been able to work with her. She is absolutely amazing! 

Ieva Norvaisaite
Financial Controller ACCA


Marta to rzetelny terapeuta/ profesjonalny coach. Zawsze świetnie przygotowana do sesji. Takt , spokój , zaangażowanie, kreatywność a przede wszystkim efektywność.Sesje z Nią to czysta przyjemność , a efekty są zdumiewające. Martę polecam wszystkim , którzy szukają kompetentnego i co najważniejsze skutecznego trenera rozwoju osobistego. Jest świetnym psychologiem. Dzięki miłej atmosferze i umiejętnie prowadzonej rozmowie udało mi się otworzyć. Podczas każdej sesji - zostaje się uważnie wysłuchanym co często przynosi ulgę , ale też pozwala na formułowanie różnych wniosków co do poruszanych tematów. Jeżeli szukacie prawdziwie profesjonalnego  i z powołania trenera rozwoju  osobistego - to nikogo lepszego nie znajdziecie. A teraz kilka krótkich przymiotów charakteryzujących Martę -uprzejma , życzliwa , taktowna oraz wymagająca ,profesjonalna i skuteczna! Jedyny minus -UWAGA- trudno zaprzestać z Nią sesji bo uzależniają. Z całego serducha - polecam. Dziękuję , że mogłam Cię poznać Marto. Szkoda że tak późno.

Lidia Pundyk


I gained so much working with Marta as my coach over 12 sessions and I feel I will continue to do so as a longer lasting effect due to the positive impact on how I think and approach life. 

Marta was very professional, friendly, warm and encouraging. I felt like she was my biggest supporter and someone I could really trust. 

I realised through working together that the biggest thing holding me back is my self-belief and through her excellent coaching I came to believe in myself more and more. I have learnt to reward myself and celebrate my achievements. I have learnt that putting myself higher up the list of my priorities is not selfish but necessary in order to be the best version of myself. This has a positive ripple out effect on those around me too. 

Marta always allowed me a safe space to be open and honest. It is so wonderful to be really listened to and then through just the exact right question,  amazing then to realise things about yourself;  to get more and more aware of your own thoughts and how these affect our decision making, confidence, potential. 


Marta is an excellent coach and I can highly recommend her. She has had a very positive impact on my life. If you want to get the best out of yourself and feel good doing so- she is the coach for you.  Thank you Marta for supporting me on my journey.

Caroline Munroe

Vet - Entrepreneur & Career Coach