Hi, I'm Marta

I’m a Certified Personal Growth and Success Coach, a Guinness World Record holding marathon runner, a wife and a mum to two boys!

Over the years I have worked in a number of people-related roles. I worked for the private sector, the NHS and Local Government and have been on a personal development journey for two decades, yet despite having a great job and happy family life I just wasn’t feelling fulfilled and still felt a yearning to do and be more…

Then one day I decided to join my neighbour on her daily run…!

Can one run change your life?

It can and it did for me…

Something about taking the time to be physically active, to clear my head and do something just for me… it ignited a shift inside of me and I began to focus on getting to know myself better, tuning in to my intuition, I started following my curiosity, prioritising self-care and me time, pursuing even more cravings for self-growth and development. I made a conscious decision that I wanted to change something in my life.

Little did I know than less than two years later I would run my first marathon. And go on to become The World Marathon Majors Six Stars Finisher and to hold a Guinness World Record for the fastest woman wearing a suit to run two marathons, on two different continents, in just 6 days!

Running has taught me everything I needed to know about myself to become unstoppable at living the life I really wanted to live. By facing the physical challenge of a 26-mile race, I learnt to rise above any fears and limiting beliefs. I listened to my heart calling and invested in the high-level coaching and group programs with the best coaches in the industry. When I discovered and experienced the power of coaching and the transformation I achieved on my mindset, happiness and performance I knew it was the career for me. I’m absolutely passionate about coaching. I love seeing the profound effects coaching has on my clients and sharing the blueprint for the strategies I learned during my journey- to unlock the door of happiness to live a successful and fulfilling life.

Now my mission is to help you maximise your potential, achieve greater success and happiness in every area of your life

Don’t panic… I’m not saying you have to go and run a marathon (though I HIGHLY recommend it!) but I’m sharing my story with you so that you understand the power of your mind to help you achieve results that you never thought possible... And I can show you exactly how to use it to start living an exciting and fulfilling life.

A bit about me

  • I am a mum to two boys – family means everything to me.
  • I have run 13 marathons.
  • I was chosen to represent my country during TCS New York City Marathon opening ceremony where my personal story was read in front of my family and thousands of runners from all over the world!
  • I learned to ski in my late 30s.
  • I’m afraid of open water but inspired by my boys learned to swim as an adult.
  • I have an Iron Man challenge on my bucket list.
  • Friendships are important to me and I love catching up with friends over dinner.
  • Honesty is a core belief of mine.
  • I follow the rules that make sense to me and I speak out against the ones that don’t.
  • I’m passionate about people, personal development, and the psychology of happiness and success.
  • I believe in angels and trust in the universe.
  • I love traveling and once missed a flight and was ‘upgraded’ to a private jet!

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